Welcome to #SaferwithShannon

Hi everyone! Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read my first attempt at delving into the blogisphere. Like all millennials, I have felt the calling to start my own blog. This is a sexual health blog, something I am very passionate about. I’m from Northern Ireland, where the sex education we receive in schools is lacking, to put it nicely. I’m 24 and still learning about my sexuality and how to look after my sexual health and I want to include you in my journey and impart some wisdom, tips and anecdotes. I am a qualified relationships and sexuality education facilitator; I completed a course which allows me to facilitate sexual health workshops! I am really proud of this achievement and while I am qualified and do my best to continuously improve my knowledge, I am no expert. This blog isn’t here to replace going to the doctor’s or any other medical professional for advice and concerns, rather this blog is here to open up conversation on all things sexual health. So please enjoy reading my blog – all comments, thoughts and enquiries are more than welcome! I want to do my best to break the stigma around taking care of our sexual health. Sexual health is an important part of life and we shouldn’t feel ashamed to discuss it. I am thrilled to include you in my learning journey!

As for the name, I ran for Student Welfare Officer at Queen’s University Student’s Union in 2016 and my campaign hashtag was #SaferwithShannon. A friend wisely commented that it made me sound like a condom brand and this inspired me to give out free condoms during my campaign as sexual health was a big part of my manifesto. Anyways, it seems like a fitting name for a sexual health blog!

A self promoting picture of me!

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